2017 Fiat Mobi

2017 Fiat Mobi
2017 Fiat Mobi Fiat Mobi is an vehicle essentially for day by day lifestyles activities, with its compact dimensions and its smart use. It is simple to power and park. It is light weight. And Fiat Mobi's lightness is translated into suitable overall performance, consumption and stability. A honest example of conscientious consumption inside the automotive universe.

Modern as the towns' architecture

An efficient and adorable car, thanks to its specific and terrific style. It also offers an improved look, making it appearance large than it genuinely is. And Fiat Mobi even innovates with its excessive resistance black glass rear hood, completely amongst Brazilian motors, elevating the feeling of the model's sophistication.

Easy, easy and purposeful

The design's splendor would be of no well worth without capability. For this reason, Fiat Mobi, which could shipping up to five people, has one of the excellent accessibilities of the phase, with wide-angled establishing doorways. It is likewise clean to adapt the inner space in step with the need. Every Fiat Mobi has a bipartite lower back seat inside the original popular package deal, which can be reclined on most effective one facet or in both, growing the bags compartment extent. It is even viable to enlarge the distance of the baggage compartment with  positions of the rear seat backrest. And the answers for clever use preserve, like the Cargo Box, a realistic and flexible detachable compartment for the baggage compartment.

Connected like city life

Fiat Mobi is going to inaugurate a brand new era of connectivity - another smart novelty this is going to astonish the customers. With Fiat Live On, Mobi goes to position at the consumer's mobile telephone. Or at the opposite. Through an application, with realistic and speedy interface, the cellular phone assumes the function of a multimedia unit, the way the consumer is aware of and with the whole lot that he needs.

To please all town actions

The Fiat Mobi range arrives properly entire in the network of Fiat sellers, composed of six variations: Easy, Easy On, Like, Like On, Way and Way On. In all variations, the chassis has 4 doorways, with 1 liter engine and with three years of manufacturing facility guarantee. Factor of tranquility for the customer, who additionally counts on 40 years of the emblem's culture in compact vehicles in Brazil.

"Mobi is lots extra than an automobile. It is a clever solution for the town's undertaking and out of doors of it as properly", states Stefan Ketter, COO FCA Latam.

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