2016 Ferrari F12tdf

2016 Ferrari F12tdf
2016 Ferrari F12tdf Ferrari found out the F12tdf which can pay homage to the Tour de France, the legendary staying power street race that Ferrari dominated in the 1950s and '60s, mainly with the 1956 250 GT Berlinetta which won four consecutive editions in a row. It become a race that rewarded cars that mixed maximum overall performance with the driveability and simplicity of use that enabled the competitors to race for masses of kilometres an afternoon over rapid, tortuous roads and on circuits. The F12tdf is the closing expression of the concept of an severe street vehicle that is equally at home on the song, and just 799 might be built.

The Ferrari F12tdf is a concentration of technical innovations which involve all the ones regions vital to Ferrari's DNA: engine, aerodynamics and vehicle dynamics. As a end result, in terms of acceleration, roadholding and agility, the brand new berlinetta is 2nd to none.

The Ferrari F12tdf's performance is confident by way of the 780 cv, obviously-aspirated V12 derived immediately from the F12berlinetta's multi-award-triumphing engine. The vehicle's exhilarating dynamic behaviour, specially its lateral acceleration in corners, is due to an 8% increase in the ratio of the front tyres compared to the rear ones. The vehicle's herbal tendency to oversteer because of the trade in tyre sizes is compensated for with the aid of the innovative rear-wheel steerage device - called the Virtual Short Wheelbase, that is incorporated with the alternative car dynamic manipulate structures - that guarantees the guidance wheel response instances and turn-in of a competition vehicle while increasing balance at excessive pace. Cornering speeds also are higher way to the giant boom in downforce - +87% - which has reached unprecedented degrees for a front-engined V12 berlinetta.

A radical redecorate of the bodywork, indoors, engine, transmission and running tools, along with the abundant use of carbon-fibre inner and out, has slashed one hundred ten kg off the auto's normal weight.

All of these factors integrate to provide record performance figures: 0-one hundred km/h in 2.Nine seconds and zero-200 km/h in 7.9 seconds similarly to a widespread enhance in lateral acceleration. The F12tdf laps Fiorano in just 1'21".

Outstanding stopping distances are assured by using the adoption of the brand new Extreme Design one-piece brake callipers already visible on the LaFerrari. This new-era machine manner the automobile can brake from a hundred-zero km/h in just 30.5 m and from two hundred-0 in 121 m.


The engine is the F12berlinetta's 6262cc sixty five° V12 on which Ferrari engineers worked to enhance most strength output from 740 cv to 780 cv at eight,500 rpm, yielding a specific strength output of one hundred twenty five cv/l. The engine's sporty reaction is assured via a maximum torque figure of 705 Nm (up from 690 Nm) at 6,750 rpm with eighty% already available at 2,500 rpm, ensuing in unparalleled, progressive pick-up all of the manner to the pink-line at eight,900 rpm.

Numerous modifications were advanced for this engine, starting with the usage of race-stimulated mechanical tappets and variable-geometry intake trumpets used on Formula 1 motors which assist enhance volumetric efficiency at high revs.

The Ferrari F12tdf is ready with a selected version of the F1 DCT with 6% shorter gear ratios that delivers 30% quicker upshifts and forty% faster downshifts.


Ferrari's engineers sought to create a really agile and effective car that may additionally be driven through less expert drivers. They drew on the wealth of experience constructed up inside the XX programmes which are dedicated to developing extraordinarily high overall performance motors pushed via non-professional drivers.

Extraordinary chassis dynamics, in phrases of maximum lateral acceleration and responsiveness, are in component executed with the aid of the increase within the front tyre dimensions, which bounce from 255 to 275, in conjunction with the front channel size - up from 9.5" to ten". This change guarantees higher lateral acceleration generated with the aid of the front axle but, on my own, this will have triggered oversteer at the limit, making the auto greater hard for much less professional drivers.

To enable even gentlemen drivers to make complete use of the overall performance, Ferrari evolved its new Virtual Short Wheelbase system. Debuting on the F12tdf, the rear axle is lively, allowing the rear wheels to pivot round a vertical axis.

Using model-based totally manage logic developed entirely in-residence by Ferrari, the rear axle steerage robotically adjusts the rear wheels, running out the most appropriate guidance attitude as a function of the steerage wheel perspective, velocity of steerage inputs and car velocity.

The Virtual Short Wheelbase improves the automobile's responsiveness to make it feel greater agile, with instantaneous turn-in that may be pleasant favored on twisty roads and on more technically tough tracks whilst, at the same time, enhancing balance at excessive speeds.


Designed by the Ferrari Styling Centre, the brand new F12tdf has mainly implementing but sensual bureaucracy, the made from Ferrari's continuous dedication to melding sculptural splendor with purposeful demands.

All of the bodywork panels, from the chiselled nostril to the tail, have been revised. Wider the front and rear tracks also supply the car an excellent greater aggressive stance.

In phrases of the formal design language, the goal turned into to create an advanced interplay among the sculptural surfaces of the F12berlinetta and a greater picture treatment of the numerous new aerodynamic functions. The pleasant testomony to this reason is the evolution of the Aerobridge, the design of that is in addition more advantageous by the usage of naked carbon-fibre. Developed in such a technical manner, this aspect combines with the other information in growing a coherent aesthetic method to the whole vehicle.

The automobile's uncompromising sportiness is expressed with the identical degree of purity in the intentionally Spartan cockpit. The wrap-around effect that embraces the driving function is intensified by using the usage of carbon-fibre housings for the devices and satellite tv for pc pods. The door panels had been pared back to a single carbon-fibre shell, at the same time as the glove compartment has disappeared to be replaced via easy knee padding. Alcantara alternatively the conventional leather became selected for the cabin trim, technical fabric for the seats and patterned aluminium as opposed to mats for the ground, once more with the purpose of saving each ultimate ounce of weight.

The Ferrari F12tdf's specification is finished with the aid of lightweight alloys with 5 twinned spokes that are designed to have the narrowest section feasible to lessen unsprung weight.

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