2013 Fisker Surf

2013 Fisker Surf
2013 Fisker Surf In a design masterstroke, Fisker Automotive has created a completely original automobile: the first electric powered luxurious/sports activities vehicle for an active and eco-friendly lifestyle. The Fisker Surf builds on the fulfillment of the ground-breaking Karma Electric Vehicle with prolonged range (EVer™) with the aid of adding extra, bendy load-sporting capability, along side a spirited new mindset all its own.

Fisker Surf combines overall performance, luxury, style, utility, and economic system with a long lasting difficulty for the sustainable use of resources and recognize for our natural environment.

As a international company Fisker Automotive will offer the Surf in all its markets round the arena for the 2013 model 12 months. The Fisker Surf will create a new niche and open new patron markets for Fisker, by using appealing to those searching out this specific combo of superior era, progressive design and environmental sensitivity, with introduced versatility. Europe, mainly, has validated a ancient fondness for sport-wagon layout, and it's far there where Fisker anticipates sturdy demand.

The Fisker Surf is the primary car of its kind and an intensive departure from traditional motors presented by means of other manufacturers. It brings introduced power to Fisker's cognizance on Uncompromised Responsible LuxuryTM and Pure Driving PassionTM.

Exterior Design

Very early in the development of the authentic Karma sedan, company CEO and Executive Design Director, Henrik Fisker determined a extra versatile variation would be part of the model lineup. So when the time got here for the evolution from Karma to Surf the route had already been defined for combining software with formidable and hanging layout.

In mid-2009, with the Karma's layout settled, initial paintings started at the Surf. Using the Karma as a place to begin, strains and angles around the rear quarters had been prolonged for the brand new roof contour, side window shapes and liftgate.

The design end result is perhaps the most elegant manufacturing recreation-wagon ever made.

"The Fisker Surf is a first-of-its-kind eco-friendly lifestyle vehicle that gives space, overall performance and luxury layout for those who stay an energetic, environmentally conscious life-style and like to force stunning automobiles," stated Henrik Fisker.

A 5 door automobile has never seemed this sporty with its voluptuous sculptured rear fenders and dynamic side profile. The rear give up of the Fisker Surf flows elegantly round to the side of the auto with an artfully included roof spoiler adding to the drama of the rear stop. The liftgate itself is quite an advanced piece, combining application with an aerodynamic form styled for a one of a kind aptitude. Even the high-set up LED brake light is seamlessly included into the rear hatch and almost invisible until it illuminates.

Stunning new wheels - still of 22 inch diameter as popular -- are an evolution of the Karma's Circuit BladeTM layout, and pretty difficult. They make use of a two-colour paint scheme separated with the aid of machined regions. The brilliant orange Brembo® brake calipers, distinct to the Fisker Surf, show boldly thru the wheels.

At the the front of the car, designers took the possibility to create a sporty identification for the Fisker Surf with a brand new 3-dimensional honeycomb sample grille.

The precise solar roof panel that could be a Fisker signature has been integrated into the Fisker Surf, with a few twists. The optional sun panel not best captures daylight to strength the car, it's miles absolutely see-via, with a darkish-tint translucence that adds to the feel of openness within the vehicle, in particular in the rear seats. Standard is a tinted-glass panoramic roof panel that tilts open at the lower back for added air flow.

Integrated roof rails permit for introduced cargo potential and were designed to healthy the fashion of the auto.

While the overall stance and dimensions of the Fisker Surf are unchanged from those of the Karma sedan, the new car appears longer and sleeker with its extended roofline and facet glass.

The Surf is Fisker's vision of a crossover between a game vehicle and a station wagon and shows how Fisker is expanding its Karma platform unexpectedly with extra models that again create a new marketplace area of interest.

Technology and Performance

The Fisker Surf takes complete benefit of the superior, excessive-performance powertrain and the revolutionary area body structure of the Karma sedan it's far based on. Mechanically, the cars are really identical.

As the primary genuine electric powered vehicle with prolonged range (EVerTM), the Karma - and now the Surf - use an modern collection-hybrid force gadget in which the auto is powered simplest by way of electric power. The onboard gasoline engine drives handiest a generator. A pair of powerful electric powered traction motors drive the rear wheels, taking electricity from a 20 kWh lithium-iron-phosphate battery % carried in the vehicle's vital tunnel. A 175kW generator resources strength to the automobiles and the batteries. It is driven, only when wanted, through the green 260 hp turbocharged and direct-gasoline-injected gasoline engine.

So just like a diesel-electric powered locomotive, the Fisker Surf driving force constantly enjoys the on the spot torque and clean reaction, even as the internal combustion engine coupled to the electrical cars provide extended power for max performance and extended range.

Two using modes, Sport and Stealth, are available to the driving force always. In Sport mode, complete strength is to be had and the driver can command the unmatched 981 lb-ft (1,330 Nm) of torque to accelerate from 0-60 mph in only five.Nine seconds, and reap an electronically restrained pinnacle velocity of a hundred twenty five mph (201 kmh).

In the default Stealth mode, calibrated for efficiency, the Surf uses simplest battery strength and speeds up from 0-60 in 7.9 seconds. Top velocity is ninety five mph (153 kmh). Under ordinary driving conditions, battery power by myself will force the Surf approximately 50 miles (eighty km). After that the gas engine/generator and 9.Five-gal (36 l) fuel tank offer some other 250 miles of range for a total of 300 miles (483 km).

Using a widespread 110-volt family deliver, the Fisker Surf's battery will absolutely recharge in approximately 14 hours. The Fisker Surf also can make use of popular European 220-volt shops, allowing this time to fall to about six hours.

The Fisker Surf and Karma share an modern architecture that facilitates deliver sparkling performance whilst making sure assured manipulate and a quiet, comfortable trip. The rigid aluminum structure, lengthy wheelbase, sophisticated impartial suspension and preferred 22-inch wheels shape the premise of a lithe, supple and responsive road automobile. A low center of gravity and forty seven/53-percentage weight distribution assist impart a sporting experience.

The massive Brembo brakes work together with a completely blended regenerative device. During stops, power that might otherwise be misplaced as heat is seamlessly recovered and fed back into the battery to assist expand variety and maximize efficiency.

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